Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shattered wonky stars...

I've been playing around with the wonky star blocks I made a few weeks ago.   
So I tried them like this..... 
and then

 like this...

What do you think?  Or should I just go back to the original wonky star layout?

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  1. I like the original one the best. Then the one with a few stars here and there, even though I would add more. I don't care for the top one at all, but I like stars and more control too.

  2. Thank you - after I posted the photos - I knew that the original layout works best - but I girl has to try.

  3. I like the original one the best, but the second one with a few finished stars would be my second. The first one was a just a little too all over the place. Great work - I'm sure it will look fantastic however you finish it.

  4. Of the three pictured there, I like the original the best. But there's another variation you could try, a wonky zig-zag. You've already got it half done in the first variation, where in every other column the points of the block are facing left-right-left-right. Just rotate the blocks in the other columns to finish the zig-zag.


Thank you for stopping by! I love comments and feedback - don't be shy! I do read each and every one.