Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maine Quilt Show...

Maine had it's largest quilt show this weekend, I went up on Friday.  Of course I forgot my camera, so I had to borrow my daughters, so please excuse the photos.   The place was packed and it was hard to get photos, but lots of fun. 
Definitely saw a shift in the style of quilts this year. 
 Grab a cup of tea or coffee and take a peak at just a few of the quilts, enjoy!

Checker Champion 
Francis M. Parker

Kat's Hip 2 B Square Quilt
Janet M. Alexander

 My Spring Garden
Diane Dixon

Botanical Moon
Eileen Harvey

Margaret Solomon Gunn

Ocean Dreams
Mary Hodgkin

 Backroad Quilters Banner

Kate Rogers

I've got a bee in my Bonnet
Georgette R. Sutton

Misty Moon
Sandra Betts

Leapin Lizard
Merry Harkins & Carla Selberg

Let's Rock
Gayle Blydenstein

 Beautiful Work!!!

 Dance of The Starfish
Noreen Borys

 Maine Twilight  - Snow and Ice
Marjorie Wilson

Compass Blues
Deborah A Boucher

 Suns Triptych
Beatrice Gilbert

 Drunkard's Wave
Lisa McCarthy

Margaret Solomon Gunn

Celtic Wave
Lisa McCarthy

Big Bang
Carmen W. Jenson

Do you have a favorite?? 

Enjoy your day,

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either by having nothing happen at all 
or by having everything happen all at once.
Paulo Coelho

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some finishes...

  My girls have been camping for the last 4 days with my 
mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece. 
So I was able to get some uninterrupted sewing time in!

I finished up the wonky square I spy quilt.  
 I think it's perfect, not to babyish and Wyatt can use it for years to come.  

Lots of fun fabrics in this quilt, dogs, puppies, trucks, bulldozers, police gear, 
hard helmets, work boots, fish, geckos, bugs, stars, dots, balloons and Winnie the Pooh.

 Astro from the Jetsons, for those of us old enough to remember.

I  did a straight line quilting around the inside of the white squares,
 and the same around the center blocks on all the squares.  

The back..

I've been wanting to make some new potholders, my current ones are so very old!  
So I made this up, I used strips of fabrics from fabric that I look at now and say 
"what was I thinking ?".  Once I put them all together with a few other scraps - 
I love how it came out and I thought it's too pretty to stick in a drawer.  

I used a a 5" paper square to sew my 1' pieces of fabric to, 
and then sewed the 4 squares together and trimmed it down to 8.5" x 8".
I cut a 9" square for the back and batting.  

 Film in the Fridge has a good tutorial if you would like more details. 
I also saw that Modern Quilting Magazine has a tutorial on stands now.


I think I'll use it as a mug rug beside my favorite oversize chair.

Enjoy your day,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seeing blue..

I've been working on baby quilts, it seems like a everyone around me is pregnant.  My neighbor across the street, they're daughter just had a baby girl, Evelyn.  She had to spend her whole pregnancy in bed due to a tear in her placenta. 
Thank goodness she arrived safely and everyone is healthy.

My other neighbors daughter is pregnant and due in October, 
they're not finding out what they're having.

One of the girls that use to work for me, is due to have a baby boy at the end of the month. Here's the quilt I'm working on for her,
I Spy Wonky Star.

Then my oldest daughters best friend, since high school, is having a baby boy. 
Here's the quilt I'm working on for her,
I Spy Pinwheels.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  My girls have been busy hanging by a friends pool, going to Funtown, eating ice cream, making smores by the fire, camping in the backyard with friends and in between all the fun they've been babysitting.

Stay cool,

Love the simple joys of life 
that put a smile upon your face 
a light in your eyes 
and happiness in your heart. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stash Bee Hive #2 block

July is Jennie's (Clover & Violet) month for Hive #2 over at Stash Bee , she choose a String Scrappy Star.  I've never done a string block I have to say it was a 
fun block to make.  

I did have a little trouble getting my chevron to go the right way.
 It was my fault - I wasn't paying attention to the directions.
First block the top middle chevron and the bottom one are going the wrong way.

All better!  

Great way to use up all those left over pieces of fabric.  
I think I see one in my future, I figure I can make a couple of blocks here and there, 
and before you know it you would have enough for a quilt.
 This quilt is going to look awesome when completed.

Enjoy your Sunday,

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tumbler quilt finished...

Got up early to quilt - to finish the tumbler quilt .  Love how it came out, super easy quilt pattern to make. Had fun trying a new quilting technique.  I freehand a curved edge along each seam in the tumbler pattern.  I'll tell you more about this in another post.

I have to say I love the back as much as the front,  
will get a better photo once the sun goes down.

I used the left over pieces from the top and added some Kona white and off white strips. 

For now it's in the den - 
Kids chilling - watching Spiderman and playing on their I-Pod Touches.  
Now that's what I call multi-tasking! ;-)

My hubby finished up a garden sculpture.

Happy Independence Day!


The world needs more "Mayberry" and less "Jersey Shore".

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Reach for the Stars"

The Wonky Star quilt is completed, "Reach for the Stars". 
More photos to come later.

Back for my Tumbler Quilt, completed!!!

Here's where I kept the scraps as I was piecing the back.

Spray basted and pinned, ready to quilt!


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―Maya Angelou