Monday, September 10, 2012

Which layout???

Which layout do you like better?? 
This is going to be a wallhanging if that makes a difference.

Layout #1

And the other option.

Layout #2

Edited to add Option #3

Thank you,



  1. I like #1. The other one looks overwhelmed by the dark square. Lovely block.

  2. I too would go for #1 - can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. Don't know why but like the first one most. The third looks nice as well but the first is more special!

  4. I like #3 the best. I don't like #2 at all.

  5. I am in camp for the #3, although #1 is also great - agree with the comment that #2 gets too overwhelmed by the dark square.

  6. It's like ask the audience...I like #3. The red diamond looks best front and center!! My second choice is #1. Sorry #2, the black square is too overwhelming. That makes 3 for #1 and 3 for #3 - hope someone breaks the tie!!

  7. Thank you everyone for your feedback!!!! I went back and forth between option #1 and #3. So I asked the hubby and he liked #3 best. So that is what I went with - since it will be hanging on a main wall in our home.


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