Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spice of life layout change???

 Good morning,  It's a foggy morning here!  
 View from my sewing room window.

This is the original layout for Spice of Life quilt.

But of course I had to play around with the layout.

Layout 2

Layout #3

So which layout is your favorite??
Do you find yourself manipulate layouts?  Do you start making a quilt top and change your mind part way through the design process?  Or do you tend to follow the pattern?

Have a wonderful day,

If you can dream it 
you can do it!
Walt Disney


  1. I really like #3. I tend to change it.

  2. I like the original one best. It is playing with your eyes but the third one looks great too. I miss the beautiful red color on the second one.

    I am always playing around and at the end it never looks the way it was planed

  3. I like layout 3 the best ;) either way though it will look great!

  4. I agree with cheeky monkey, completely.


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