Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cross and "X" blocks....

Life has been a little crazy around here! 
One of my twins, Sidney, plays on a Premier Indoor Field Hockey League, so Sundays we end up traveling. Last Sunday was an all day tournament which they ended up taking first place!

My oldest daughter, left her husband. I've very thankful to the women who volunteer at the Domestic Violence Hotline and Shelters, they saved her life! She has a long road ahead of her so please keep her in your thoughts.

So in between all of that I have been working on some Cross and "X" blocks.
Is this the correct name?? I had pulled these fabrics awhile ago and have been playing around with different blocks but wasn't liking the outcome but I love these blocks.

 I still have lots of blocks to make and not sure which layout I'll end up with. 
Which one do you like?

Layout #1

Layout #2

Wells that's all folks,

Keep looking up...
that's the secret to life...


  1. First of all congrats to the twin. Hope she has lots of fun travelling around. I am so sorry what happened to your oldest and hope she can find her way out. It must be really hard for you as well!

    I love the first layout. It looks great

  2. So sad about your eldest daughter, but so brave of her to get out of a bad situation. Congrats to the twin. We were a family of boys, playing ice hockey. Love that sport.
    If you are on Instagram you should join to #xandplusalong. Lots of people making this block

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I volunteer at a domestic Violence shelter and its hard to watch the women and their children go through that. I'll say a prayer that she stays safe and strong through this difficult time.

    Tell your other daughter congrats!! Traveling sounds fun!!

    I live both layouts but everyone seems to be doing #2 so I vote for #1 because its different ;)

  4. Keeping the prayer line open for daughter #1.
    I luv layout #1!


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