Friday, October 4, 2013

A spot of Fall...

I've been playing around with this wallhanging.  Not sure if it's done yet or not.  I'm thinking more stitching - some borders? or I might just bind it and call it good.  Decisions, decisions...

So I started by cutting 10.5" background blocks.
Then I took some Kona Solid and cut them into 8" circles.

I glued the blocks down using a glue stick.

The lightest yellow is not the right shade -but it'll have to do its what I had on hand. 

I did a raw edge applique.

Then I stitched free flowing straight lines down the center blocks;
 vertically and horizontally.

Then I stitched vertically on the outside blocks.  
I used three different color threads, rust, yellow and green.

I love the colors, they're my favorite!

Now do I add a border or two? Or just bind it?  


  1. What are those wiggly circles within the circles? Is that created from a bleach pen? or are they appliqued? I can't tell, but it sure is beautiful. Nice job!
    I vote for bind it off!

    1. They're applique, I just cut up circles into smaller pieces and played with them until Ilked what I saw. But I love the idea of bleach pen! Thank you!

  2. absolutely LUV this!!!
    I vote for binding too!

  3. Wow, that is lovely. May I borrow your idea - well, one day, anyway!

  4. This looks brilliant...I love it

  5. WOW! I am loving this one! Thanks for the inspiration!


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