Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scrappy Modern Maple Quilt Finish….

 Scrappy Modern Maple is complete!
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I love this quilt - it has to be my favorite quilt to date.

Close-up of the quilting.

Perfect spot!

Love all the little pieces fabric….

Oops, when I turned it over look what I found on the back, thankful it's only one leaf that needs to be redone.  The backing is a UFO I found in my closet.

 I have to say I've been very productive lately.

A Pillow, from the book Pillow Pop.

First time making something with all solids, the fabrics are Kona Solids.

This is where I throw all the scraps/trimmings that are too small, 
these will be made into a dog bed at a future date.

Current work in progress

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scrappy Modern Maple Quilt...

I've had a thing for maple leaf quilts for quite awhile now. 
I've even made a couple, Judy Martins' book, Cookie and Quilts
But recently a more modern version has been popping up on Instagram and flickr.  
I thought what a quick and fun quilt to make.  
So I pulled out a stack of fabrics, 
made a block - 
this block

but it was missing something - I wanted something more, 
something different than all the others. 

 So my first thought was to make Mini log cabin blocks.  
It started with this block, I liked the idea but wanted something else…... 

So I started sewing random scraps together.  Boy did this take time, would have been much easier and a lot faster if I made them from a solid piece of fabric. 

 But I do have to say the end results were worth it.  

The blocks range in size from 3" to 12"
 Finished size is 60" x 72"

I made all this blocks from the scrap bins in my sewing room 
and it's sad to say I didn't even put a dent in them. 

Now on to the quilting it.
 I do all my quilting on my Janome MC 6600.

One of my favorite books on machine quilting is 

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My daughter wrapped up in one of her quilts, 
love it!