Been a busy week, dealing with tweens, the internet and texting.  It's tough being a parent these days!  My girls are good girls but you never know, they're curious at this age.  I found out about this website called Omegle where you can either text or video chat with random strangers. Girls seems to think it's funny to see if they can get guys to say inappropriate things to them.  Boys are asking for girls to send them photos of them half dressed.  I believe we've exposed our children to too much information that they are not maturing enough to handle. Kids are curious at this age, 13, and don't really understand the dangers out there.  So we have taken a week off from the internet and texting.  It has been nice to have them hang out with us and chat!  So now we'll be texting/internet free everyday from 5-7 and the internet gets shut off every night at 10pm.

Haven't got any sewing done this week -planning on sewing a couple of skirts soon.  I've been working on making a cathedral block, always wanted to try this block.   I'll post photos later.

We're off to see The Hunger Games.

Have a wonderful day,

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