The first cut is the deepest...

I love sketching up new ideas for quilts but I have the hardest time actually cutting into the fabric.  So many thoughts go through my head - what if I don't like it, what if it doesn't work with the other fabrics, what if ..............  Fabric is so expensive these days and I hate to waste any of it.

Anyone else have these thoughts?

So I have a Jelly roll and some half yards of fabric from Moda's line Chrysalis.

So here's what I'm thinking.

Pieces are cut.

Dark/medium blocks are done.

Busy day, made Banana chocolate chip Bread, recipe here (I eliminated the walnuts and added chocolate chips), took the dogs for a walk, did laundry and had a visit from my oldest daughter 
(There's 20 years between my oldest and my twins!) and my granddaughter who turned 6 this past week.
 Ella Grace

Beautiful day here today, high 50's and the snow is almost gone.  
Spring is in the air!

Have a wonderful evening,

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