March comes in like a lion...

March certainly came in like a lion, we got a foot of snow on Thursday the most snow we've had all winter in Maine.  Today it's raining - making for a slushy mess.  So I've been cleaning up my sewing room.

A couple of post ago I showed you my sewing room here's a few tips to help it be more usable space.  Love my design wall, would you like to create your own?

You'll need:

4' x 8'  sheet of 1" foam board insulation
Screws to mount the insulation to the wall
Spray Adhesive
2 pieces of 4' x 8" white felt
cotton batting

I mounted my insulation to the wall and then used the spray adhesive to attach the felt, then the batting and then felt again.  I wouldn't recommend doing it this way!  It made a mess and the smell was yucky!  If I was to do it again I would do it outside or in the garage and then mount the insulation to your wall after you have used the spray adhesive to attach the felt and batting.    Just saying lesson learned!

Side View

I used a peg board mounted to the wall to hang my rulers. (I need more hooks.)

My portable ironing board.

 Stay tuned to see what I make with these Batiks.

That's all folks,

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