Not quite as planned...

Well today didn't go quite as planned, it's my day off and I had planned on going jean shopping.  I dread buying new jeans, they're either too tight in the thighs or the waist or too large at the waist or whatever - no way am I wearing skinny jeans!  And I want real jeans - not light weight jeans - I need some regular jeans that hold it all in.

So I take my twin tween girls to school, I drop them off and Kat has forgotten her laptop.  Go back home get laptop - still in my PJ's and slippers - so quickly threw on yoga pants and sneakers - then drop laptop off - head home - cell phone rings - school nurse calling Sid is sick - turn around and picked up Sid - at least she made it home before she threw-up.

At least I got some sewing done, not sure I'm liking the new quilt - but I had to try something new and It might grow on me after I quilt it.

Maybe it's the universe way of telling me I need to stay home today!  Today would have been my dear friend Linda's 49th birthday.  I miss her - she was so funny- and she was one of those people that lived her life to the fullest.  

Have a wonderful evening,


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