Spring is in the air..

We tried making maple syrup today for the first time, let me just say we need to boil it down more.  We have a watery liquid that has very little taste.  At least it was a nice day outside by the fire.

Kat - do I have to be outside?  

                                                                             Sid having fun!

(Yes, these are my twins.)

The dogs and I had a great time on our walk through the woods. 
 These photos were taken last week during our biggest storm of the season.  
Today it was 60 degrees outside....

Mojo and Zeva

After all that fun I decided to pick up my sewing room and came across some fabric my daughter had picked out a least a year ago for pillowcases.  
 So in a couple of hours, that includes interruptions, I completed two pillowcases.   
You can find pattern ideas here.

Happy Sunday,

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