What a gorgeous day here in the Northeast!  
This morning I took the dog for a walk through the woods, the snow is almost all gone, yeah!  
Raked out a couple of gardens, had to stop when I got a few blister. - Poor me.  
(Just Kidding - but it was a good excuse to sew - oh and do laundry, make dinner 
and blueberry muffins 
(recipe hereI replace a cup of flour w/ a cup of oatmeal and add 1/4 cup of milk.)

 Finished sewing the blocks for the quilt I'm currently working on.

Laying out the blocks

Oops -need to make a few more blocks.

This is the layout for now- not sure I like it.  
Might add some solid white borders around the individual squares.
What you think??


That's all folks,


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