Hexagon quilt.....

I'm laying here in bed, catching up on my blog reading.  
I had an epidural steroid injection in my back, I'm hoping it provides some relieve.  
This was my first and it wasn't too bad - 
not very comfortable at the moment but this too shall pass! 
Anyways back to my catching up on my reading - I saw a post on Wish upon a quilts Facebook page linking to a tutorial  on Thimble Blossoms blog on how to make a Hexagon quilt they make it looks so easy I want to grab some scraps and start sewing. 
 Looks additive and a great take along project!  
If you do a search for hexagon quilts on google lots of great ideas ranging from
the traditional to more modern.

So has anyone made or in the process of making a hexagon quilt?

Enjoy you long weekend,

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— Marilyn Monroe

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