Dock Dogs..

This past weekend Dock Dogs was in our area, we've gone the last couple of years and watch the competition.  This year we decided to enter our dog Zeva, she loves the water.  Only one problem she's never jumped into the water but we figured why not give it a shot.   Hubby took her over to the open practice from 9 to 10am.  He got her to jump in the water on the first try - we were so excited!  So I got the kids and their friend ready, the night before we had a sleepover out in the tent - late night!  Anyways so I go over with the girls and wait for Zeva to have her turn in the competion - we don't care about how far she jumps - we're just doing it for fun.  So she's number 9 in the first group.  

Here she is after the open practice.

Here we go...


I'm not going in there again...

Okay let's try again, we get two attempts.

Ready - you can do it!

Wooh, I'm not going in there!  Fun was had by all!

My Primrose are in bloom, they're so pretty.

  I'm working on finishing up the wonky star quilt - need to finish quilting it this weekend!  I started quilting last weekend, but then realized that the back got all bunched up and it looked terrible - so I'm taking it out and re-doing it.  


Also working on the back for my tumbler quilt - taking the left over pieces and making them into a scrappy slice and dice back - photos to come soon.

Have a Good Night,

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