Late night....

I've had some fabrics picked out for a while sitting on my cutting table.  But I had another quilt I need to finish before I could move onto something new.  I have to say It's all pinned and ready to be quilted.  I still have a couple of weeks before my deadline!  So I'm good!

So I couldn't sleep last night so I started about 10PM and went to bed at 1:30AM.  But look what I got done, I cut out all the pieces and laid out the quilt top!  I'm a little tired this morning but it felt so great to get this far!  I wanted to make a quilt that was quick and easy and I could use up some of my fabrics from my stash.

I decided on a tumbler quilt, I saw this really cute one over at Saltwater Quilts and thought it would be a fun easy quilt to make.

I took a 5" piece of cardboard to make my template, 
marking 1" in for the side on the top.

 The top of the tumbler is 3" and the bottom is 5". 

  Then I cut strips of fabric 5" wide and started cutting.
I cut multiple strips at once, between 4 and 6 layers.

 I found it easier to use a ruler with my cardboard temple, 
that way I didn't cut into the cardboard.

One Tumbler block!

Here's a whole bunch of them laid out.  
I will stack them in rows and number them. 
 Then sew the rows together.  
More to come later.

While I was sitting her typing this at the kitchen table I looked up to see I had a visiter...

Happy Fathers Day!
Enjoy your day everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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