Maine Quilt Show...

Maine had it's largest quilt show this weekend, I went up on Friday.  Of course I forgot my camera, so I had to borrow my daughters, so please excuse the photos.   The place was packed and it was hard to get photos, but lots of fun. 
Definitely saw a shift in the style of quilts this year. 
 Grab a cup of tea or coffee and take a peak at just a few of the quilts, enjoy!

Checker Champion 
Francis M. Parker

Kat's Hip 2 B Square Quilt
Janet M. Alexander

 My Spring Garden
Diane Dixon

Botanical Moon
Eileen Harvey

Margaret Solomon Gunn

Ocean Dreams
Mary Hodgkin

 Backroad Quilters Banner

Kate Rogers

I've got a bee in my Bonnet
Georgette R. Sutton

Misty Moon
Sandra Betts

Leapin Lizard
Merry Harkins & Carla Selberg

Let's Rock
Gayle Blydenstein

 Beautiful Work!!!

 Dance of The Starfish
Noreen Borys

 Maine Twilight  - Snow and Ice
Marjorie Wilson

Compass Blues
Deborah A Boucher

 Suns Triptych
Beatrice Gilbert

 Drunkard's Wave
Lisa McCarthy

Margaret Solomon Gunn

Celtic Wave
Lisa McCarthy

Big Bang
Carmen W. Jenson

Do you have a favorite?? 

Enjoy your day,

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either by having nothing happen at all 
or by having everything happen all at once.
Paulo Coelho

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