Seeing blue..

I've been working on baby quilts, it seems like a everyone around me is pregnant.  My neighbor across the street, they're daughter just had a baby girl, Evelyn.  She had to spend her whole pregnancy in bed due to a tear in her placenta. 
Thank goodness she arrived safely and everyone is healthy.

My other neighbors daughter is pregnant and due in October, 
they're not finding out what they're having.

One of the girls that use to work for me, is due to have a baby boy at the end of the month. Here's the quilt I'm working on for her,
I Spy Wonky Star.

Then my oldest daughters best friend, since high school, is having a baby boy. 
Here's the quilt I'm working on for her,
I Spy Pinwheels.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  My girls have been busy hanging by a friends pool, going to Funtown, eating ice cream, making smores by the fire, camping in the backyard with friends and in between all the fun they've been babysitting.

Stay cool,

Love the simple joys of life 
that put a smile upon your face 
a light in your eyes 
and happiness in your heart. 

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