Tumbler quilt finished...

Got up early to quilt - to finish the tumbler quilt .  Love how it came out, super easy quilt pattern to make. Had fun trying a new quilting technique.  I freehand a curved edge along each seam in the tumbler pattern.  I'll tell you more about this in another post.

I have to say I love the back as much as the front,  
will get a better photo once the sun goes down.

I used the left over pieces from the top and added some Kona white and off white strips. 

For now it's in the den - 
Kids chilling - watching Spiderman and playing on their I-Pod Touches.  
Now that's what I call multi-tasking! ;-)

My hubby finished up a garden sculpture.

Happy Independence Day!


The world needs more "Mayberry" and less "Jersey Shore".

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