Evolution of Quilting...

I was catching up on some blog reading last night and came a crossed this blog on the quilting evolution, over at Sometimes Crafter I found it very interesting and you might too. 

I started out as a traditional quilter, matching all my seams and points and modern quilting threw me for a loop.  The thought of cutting or sewing fabric without measuring or not taking an exact 1/4" seam just didn't feel right.  But at the same time I was not quite a traditional quilter - I never put borders on my quilts and I've always made the back look as nice as the front.  I've alway believed that a quilt should be used, it's a gift to love, it's like being wrapped up in a hug.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Please enjoy the photos from my garden and of my daughter trying to get Little B (one of our chickens) to eat blueberries from her hand.

Love the expression!!
Guess what the chicken did afterward??

Have a wonderful day,

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