July 2012....

Wow, I got a few thing finished in July.  
Things I need to complete in the next two weeks, are two more baby quilts.  Thing I would like to finish this month are the skateboard quilt - needs a backing, make my blocks for Stash Bee Hive #2 and #4, and of course I have some new fabrics that I picked up at the Maine Quilt Show. 
 Stay tuned...

1. Back of tumbler quilt, 2. potholder turned rug mug, 3. Wonky Square I spy baby quilt front, 4. Pinwheel I spy baby quilt, 5. Stash Bee Hive #4 block of the month, 6. Reach for the stars for my oldest daughter, 7. Tumbler quilt front, 8. Stash Bee Hive #2 block, 9. Back of the Wonky Square baby quilt.

Enjoy your day,

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