Fall cleaning..

I've been putting off the inevitable but I just couldn't take it anymore- so for the last two - not full days just a couple of hours each day.  I've been cleaning my sewing room. 
 I have a trash bag under my cutting table that I throw my left overs pieces in when I'm done cutting - but only pieces that aren't big enough to go back into my stash.  Well it's gotten to be a little much- a plastic bin and two trash bags full.



Then I organized my fabric stash...
(I still need to organize them by color.)

browns, tans, blacks, and grays

My bins are sorted by
 blues and purples
yellow and oranges
white and off whites and beige, etc.

Now what to do with all this fabric?  I've been collecting it for years and I've realized that I'll never use it all. No more buying fabric unless I have a specific project.  

Since I did a block on Stash bee that used salvages, I have been saving mine. 
Who knows what I'll do with these?  

So much fabric, so many ideas and so little time!
Thank you for stopping by!


"The days are long, but the years are short."
The Happiness Project
Gretchen Rubin

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