New Sewing Room...

This was my old space in a very small room, but even so it was a space of my own. 
 You can see more here.

We have this spare bedroom that we used for when my oldest daughter came home, 
but since then she has moved closer, she doesn't need a place to stay.  Yeah!!  
The carpet was old and stained so we removed the carpet.

We My wonderful husband laid down pine flooring 
and we finished it with Boiled Linseed Oiled.
 Which we were rubbing down at 10PM.

This room has great light!  I love the space!

The floors came out beautiful!  And I have a closet to store my fabric!!
Please forgive the photos they were taken at night! 

Still need to put some shelves above the cutting area.

I still have lots and lots of organizing to do...

It'll take me a little bit to work everything out but I'm gonna love this space!

By the way I turned my old sewing room into my workout room.

Thanks for stopping by!

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