A finish....

So I'm sure many of you have already heard the news about Google reader.  
I currently use Feedly on my iPad and like it.  
I see a lot of bogs going to Bloglovin, I'll be looking into and provide a link shortly.

The Churn Dish Quilts it finished.
It finished at 56" x 63" perfect size for snuggle with on the couch.

I finished up my Stash Bee Block for Hive #4, Kelsey blogs here.
The tutorial for this block can be found here.

I joined The Modern 4x5 Quilt Bee on Flicker, I super excited to be part of the bee! 
When I was going through the flicker photos I came across the Lone Starburst block from 
Six White Horses.  Its has been quite awhile since I've done paper Piecing, but I really enjoyed it and can see doing more of it in the future. 
 This block will end up as a pillow cover.

Here in New England we still have lots of snow on the ground, and here I thought we were suppose to have an early spring.  I can say Spring is no were in sight in my yard!  We still have a foot a snow on the ground.  It's around 30 degrees today, brrr.

Thanks for stoping by, enjoy your day!

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