April Showers bring May flowers and PB&J...

It has been a long winter here in New England, we had snow. sleet and rain here on Friday.  It has been raining for fours days now, I'm so ready for some sunshine and green grass and flowers in the garden!

I'ms so excited to finally have my PB&J quilt top sewn together!!!! I've had all the pieces made and it's been sitting on my design board for weeks.  We've been so busy with the end of Indoor Field Hockey and traveling to tournaments it's nice to finally have a weekend at home.  

I found the pattern for this over at Moda Bakeshop, it's called Honey Honey Layer Cake.
I made my blocks from a fat eighths. I have lots left over to I can make a backing. 
I love the fabrics and the colors in the PB&J fabrics from Basic Grey!

The kids are on Spring Break this week, I had promised one of my twins that I would repaint her bedroom over break.  She got it all ready for me, removed everything from her walls and cleaned the room out except for the large pieces of furniture.  Here walls are now Jamaican Aqua from Benjamin Moore Paints. Now this is a big change for her, she has always been my pink girl, I mean pink everything!  Walls, curtains, bedding, rug, clothes - everything was pink, no other color existed for her until this year. She's decided since she's almost 14 that the pink was too babyish! (Her words!)

 Now I need to make a quilt for her new room!  She wants a black and white quilt with a touch of Aqua.  As luck would have it, I  just happen to have about a bunch of black and white blocks made of a 2.5 blocks and she loves them so I just need to make a few more. I'm going to add strips of Aqua in between.  I also threw in a heart block! ;-)

She likes soft fabrics, so I'm thinking I might make the back out of Minky.  I've never used it but I want the quilt to be soft and my original thought was to do double batting but now i'm not sure, if I use the Minky.  We'll see what happens.  I still have lots of blocks to make and I need to order some more of the Aqua fabric.  Has anyone have any advice on using Minky as a backing??

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day.

Sometimes you have to stop worrying and just 
have faith that things will work out.  
Maybe not how you planned, but just how 
they're supposed to.

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