Still here...

I'm still here, busy with the end of the school year stuff.  My girls are graduating from 8th grade in a couple of weeks.  And I've been helping plan their promotion dance.  Also been going to dance rehearsals,recitals, and baby showers. My niece had her baby shower last weekend and I'm hosting my eldest daughters shower this weekend.  It's so unlike me but I have no plan, no idea what I'm serving for foods, or what games were planning and no theme.  Time to head over to Pinterest!

 I did mange to finish the baby quilt, just need to hand sew the binding.  Both my niece and my daughter are due the first week of July, both are having little boys.

Crazy my oldest is 33 and having her second child and my babies are 14.
Hug your little ones, they grow so fast, I have no idea where the last 14 years have gone??  When did my girls get interested in boys, and having their first kiss??  In four years they'll graduate high school but, but it'll feel like its only been a year, time seems to go by so fast lately...

7 months

Have a wonderful week,

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