2013 Q3 Finish-A-long...

I'm joining up with Leanne over at She can Quilt for the 2013 Q3 Finish-A-long, maybe just maybe I might get some of the these projects complete.

she can quilt

Up first I have my PB&J Quilt, it just needs to be quilted and bound.  

Second, my log cabin star quilt, it's quilted and just needs a binding.

Third, I have my mosaic quilt, not sure if I'm going to call it done and just back it, and quilt it.  Or whether to add on to it, it's kinda of small.

Fourth I have my plus and X Quilt top.. Needs backing, and quilting.

Wish me luck, lately it's been too hot mid 80's and 95% humidity. The thought of quilting and having all those layers on my lap in this humidity - well it would just push me over the edge - the humidity makes me cranky!

Enjoy your day,

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