Belated Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celerate.  
I hope you had a wonderful day doing whatever makes you happy and thankful!  

Our thankful tree. 
We each wrote down what we were thankful for, ranges from iPod to toilet paper.

 Not much going on on the quilting department over here, I seem to have tendinitis in my elbow, so have been taking it easy and laying off cutting fabric.  

I have this quilt top done 

and this was going to be the back.  
When my mom came over for thanksgiving, she saw the back and loved it.  
So I'm now going to make it into a quilt for her.  

I did finish the dog bed.
Muslin liner holding all the scraps of fabric.

I did add a layer of batting to the top and quilted it.  
 25" x 36"

Have you been to see Catching Fire the second movie in the Hunger Games series?  I've see it twice, first time I went with 15 of my daughters friends for her friends 15th birthday party.  Lots of fun! 

Yesterday I took my my mother, three daughters and My granddaughter. 
 It was just as good the second time.

They were thrilled to have their photo taken!

I have been doing some knitting, I'm a cold weather knitter and I only like make small things, too impatient for knitting anything too large.  So I've made a hat for my grandson.

Photos of my grandson, Greyson.
Greyson and Mojo 
Mojo was not hurt in the taking of this photo!

Greyson - 5 months

I feel very grateful for the people in my life, the roof over my head and the food in my belly, the clothes on my back and of course toilet paper!

Thanks for stopping bye, what are you thankful for?

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