January Update...

I thought I would share with you the block we'll be making in January for Stash Bee Hive #9. I'm the Hive mama and January is my month.

I found this quilt over on Moda Recipes called Lattice Bones

These are the bones I've made, went a little crazy.  
They're super easy and fun to make.

I haven't spent as much time sewn lately.  I've been making more time for physical fitness, since I started this job two years ago - I sit most of the day and plus there is lots of food- around I've put on twenty pounds.  In the past I've always been very active and fit and to be so out of shape and squeezing into my clothes is making me very frustrated.  So I decide I needed to make the time for me.  I'm working out 4 to 5 days a week.  I'm doing weight lifting and intervals on the treadmill.  It feels so good to be active again, I haven't seen the scale move downward yet but I can feel the muscle in my legs are getting tighter and my stomach doesn't feel as bloated.  I'm trying to choose real food over processed prepackaged product.  

It has been very cold here in the northeast, it feels like the never-ending winter!

What are you working on?  Are you making time for you?

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