February Update….

I have to say since my girls started High School; time has been flying by, way too fast!  It seems between all the school activities and sports I haven't had much time for sewing.  

Winter Carnival 2014

"Fighting Crime since 1999"

I belong to two bees, Stash Bee  - where I'm the 
Hive mama for Hive #9, I've been apart of this bee since its conception.  

On Instagram I belong to a bee that goes along with the book Modern Bee.  
#moderninstabee2014 Hive #4
February Triple Star Block

That's all I've had time for, time goes by too quickly and before I now it my girls will be driving and won't need me as a taxi and I'll have time for sewing once again.  But for now I wish I could slow down the clock just a little, the house will be too quiet when they're gone.

Coastal Field Hockey
Team 2A took 1st place in their bracket!

Enjoy your day,

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